Walnut Wax Comb

Walnut Wax Comb


Our wax combs are milled from a solid block of wood. They are split along their grain to maintain strength, before being surface plane to an even, consistent thickness. Edges are milled at an optimal angle to stay sharp and strong allowing for a blend of wax without the mess. Teeth are uniquely hand milled creating a unfied look and balance along each surface. Combs are laser engraved and then hand sanded; and finished with a hand-rubbed natural, Danish oil. The process and design have a focus on sustainability with minimal waste. Each comb is indvidually unique as the grain and subtle imperfections adds character to each
wax comb.

Black walnut is a local sourced material found more commonly in warmer climates. It has an even medium textured grain, which provides a
moderate lustre.

Handcrafted | Made in Toronto

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